Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stuff you may not have noticed - April 9, 2008

There a lots of blogs that point to other sites and create lists, some daily, some weekly, and others just 'every so often'. Just stuff you may not have noticed on the web. Most call it other things like 'in and around the web' or 'links for April 8', etc.

Welcome to our own version. We're calling it ... ugh ... "Stuff You May Not Have Noticed On The Web", an occasional new feature of SEO and Tech Daily. (Occasional means ... 'whenever I feel like it'). No NY Times land for me!

Sighting No.1)
Some visitors to Google's front page today were greeted by this simple message:

Doing one of the things Google does best. Promoting Google.

Google introduced another new open initiative at 'Campfire One', an event held at the GooglePlex in Mountain View, CA this past Monday night and rolled out the new Google App Engine. You can read about the new initiative at any number of websites.

Google knows how to push a product or service. Taking it to the otherwise 'blank' Google search welcome screen is one of the many ways they've been doing it.

So what is this anyway? (Cool logo huh?)

Google wants you to meet a few of their software engineers (and, of course, learn how to use their stuff) person-to-person at Google I/O, a two-day developer gathering in San Francisco on May 28-29. Click here for more details.

In the meantime, Google hit pay dirt with Campfire One itself carefully leaking "Big News coming Monday Night". The financial and tech news sites were all over it. The speculation about 'the big news' swirled around blogs, tech sites, and feed streaming services all day on Monday. This is hyper electronic PR.

Sighting No. 2)

Bob Parsons, founder of the largest domain registrar in the world, GoDaddy. has finally gone video. Parsons is known among other things, for his 'edgy' promotions, usually involving good looking women. (Hey gang, whether you like it or not, it works, and always has and ... probably always will).

For a few years, we've had Bob Parsons radio, now it's Bob Parsons TV (Warning, this is deeply intellectual stuff). The piece is about a former governor of New York, his girlfriend, and how all of this effects GoDaddy. I'd just love to see the Feedburner stats on this one.

GoDaddy's promotion via sports? Well that continues to be a home run. (Whew).

Sighting No. 3)
Speaking of FeedBurner stats, Monday was "Louis Gray A-list day" in the blogosphere, as rapidly rising blogger Louis Gray, did it again, by publishing his very own A-list. A number of other blogs coincidentally (?!) posted their own A-lists the same day but I'm not going to mention Steven Hodson or SheGeeks (Corvida) in this edition at all. Steven is way too grumpy and Corvida is doing much better than me at finding stuff.

I've said it before. Gray does a great job in a popular niche. Breaking stories on the latest feed sharing and so-called 'lifestreaming' applications that are all the rage these days among bloggers. ReadBurner, RSSMeMe, LinkRiver, FriendFeed, and others. Gray was there, obviously loves this stuff, and so does his readers.

SEO and Tech Daily at the TOP of an A-list?

I'm seriously starting to worry about Louis.

Do I have to be more responsible now? Use a spell-check thing?

I knew nothing about it in advance. (Really). Louis' extremely well-informed and highly intellectual post can be found here.

Neat stuff department:

This was one of the most self-perpetuating blog posts I've ever seen, as the guys (and gals) mentioned in Gray's post published versions of it (we wouldn't do this...), and then a whole bunch of wanna-be A-listers did too! At that point, there was whole MeMe of blogs pointing to Gray, who was pointing to us ... and whammo:

See the little 'blip' at the very end. That's subscribers, not one-day wonders. So if you dig us, don't Digg us. Write about us (and think about it as part of YOUR subscriber building strategy!).