Saturday, April 26, 2008

Go RSS yourself

The time is finally here.

MOST blogs and websites have easy-to-find RSS feeds.

Two words: USE THEM!

The past couple of days I 'opened the floodgates' a little (Maybe more than a little??) and, subscribed to all kinds of stuff that I thought I might be interested in. All to one Google Reader account.


Hey, I'm not Scoble. There's no way I'm gonna read 2000+ feeds a day?!

So, I skimmed the feeds for a few days and I'm going to ... add a few more.

GREAT stuff. A LOT of 'literally' new writers.

Stay tuned .. I'm going to start sharing some of the newer discoveries soon.

For a change, that's all I have to say, other than, have a GREAT weekend all!

PS: A quick sampling of the things I learned this week:
Sarah Perez is more than RWW, she's a TEN!
Sarah Lacy bonded with Scoble?
The Real Dvorak's on Twitter ????
Louis must have failed statistics in High School?.
Gas is much more expensive in the UK.

Important stuff ... :)

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