Monday, April 14, 2008

Who YOU should be reading

All kinds of people have taken to blogging and the number of blogs have increased exponentially in recent months. This includes LOTS of people trying to make money blogging (some of whom are 'victims' of the recent economic downturn).

Some are making decent money. Others are wasting a lot of time.

There are all kinds of blogs, for all kinds of reasons. Some are personal, some technical, some informative. The number of blogs is growing the way websites did just a few years ago.

So who should YOU be reading?

It depends what you're trying to accomplish.

That's really what our blogroll (and sometimes our shared feed) is all about. The blogroll is now updated about once every two weeks. There's some really excellent stuff there. Some time-tested, others cutting edge. Take a few minutes to click around (especially if you're new) and you'll find Search Engine Optimization experts, Social Marketing Gurus, Tech News, information about the very latest applications, and more. Obviously, they're not all there, but one will lead you to another within your field of interest.

I'm going to spend more time, hopefully this week, on 'feed sharing', and also what I view (have a seat) as a coming SEO BOOM in the coming months. Some have expressed that "SEO has matured".

SEO changes every day and right now is in very high demand!

I know I've been a little caught up in the so-called lifestreaming sites and apps recently. Why? They are cutting edge and they are becoming very important to almost every blog owner. The landscape is changing quickly. It's totally fascinating.

One more hint. I've read more times than I can count that your blog needs to look cool and/or professional to be successful. "Don't use a that standard Wordpress or Blogger template!?".

Some of the most visited blogs on the Internet are 'stock'. Right out of the box.
Ex-Microsoft employee and new generatiuon video blogger (now with Fast Company) Robert Scoble's blog.
Niche 'feed sharing' expert Louis Gray's blog.
Google's spam-fighter and SEO advisor Matt Cutts' blog.
To name a few.

Blog about what you really know about and sooner or later you will be discovered.

More to come ....

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