Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Google mapping the Pennsylvania Primary

It was a media watching (and blog reading) event here in Pennsylvania, as our state took the national spotlight for today's Democratic primary.

People throughout the world probably learned more about the State of Pennsylvania than ever before on prime time television (or prime time Internet? :).

News coverage, as always, was fascinating... with FOX calling the race first (with less than 1% of the vote counted), then about 12 minutes later MSNBC (ABC and CBS), and finally, 22 minutes after Fox, the network that was obviously playing at Clinton campaign headquarters in Philadelphia (you could tell by the reaction from the crowd) CNN .

... and Twitter didn't crash!?

As the pundits continued to try and predict a state that somewhat impossible to, Google was once again doing their election thing, delivering what everyone here was interested in. Which county was voting for who. (They still are at this hour).

Google's County by County Pennsylvania Primary Map is here.

Update: CNN's county by county graph is here
Update 2: Apparently Google has 'pulled' the map... or it's mission is over? Regardless, it has been unavailable this morning (Apr 23)
Update 3: The map reappears! here

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