Thursday, April 17, 2008

Linux - So much for that idea

It sounded good while it lasted.

Linux for the desktop. Less system resources needed. Inexpensive, with a whole host of open source and GPL applications available.

It even became reality briefly last year when WalMart (who else?) sold out of the now infamous $200 gPC (Green PC). Actually, several times.

The box, made by Everex, ran a highly customized version of Ubuntu Linux with an easy user interface developed in cooperation with Enlightenment, know as gOS.

gOS is apparently alive and well, and now comes in 3 'flavors'. The Everex box was discontinued earlier this year by WalMart, but Everex continues with a Limited Edition box "exclusively made for MySpace" users. Hmmm.

Earlier today, the leading Linux enterprise provider, Red Hat, announced "We have no plans to create a traditional desktop product for the consumer market in the foreseeable future".

The full article is

Linux, of course, is far from dead. The are numerous distributions available, many for free, and the operating system is in widespread use in server and many other applications.

As far as a mainstream Linux desktop. It's pretty much dead.

For now ....

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