Monday, April 14, 2008

CRT TV's make early exit in US - Run, don't walk

Some technologies are fine if you want to be an 'early adopter'.

Many of us 'in this space' enjoy being on the cutting edge.

Others technologies can have you quickly saying "Huh???" if you rush out a little too quick. Anyone for a cheap HD-DVD ? or, an iPhone less $200. Messy stuff.

One of the best-selling Christmas gifts this past season were LCD and HD TV's. A wide variety of shapes and sizes, two resolutions, and a wide spectrum of contrast ratios. As the HDMI spec was still being improved last December, some of the earlier TV's sold late last year have already been rendered obsolete (or just plain bad).

Of course, in the fast paced world of technology, if you wait, you could be waiting forever? The only thing we know for sure is that electronics is still one consumer space where prices continue to go down.

As the satellite tv providers launch new 'birds' to compete with more local, digital and HD channels and cable companies add more HD, some for free .....

The US television hardware market is still a mess.

If you wanted to mess with that huge plasma or large LCD TV in the family room, I suppose most of us got sucked into that :) Little and medium size screens throughout the house? I'd rather wait and get something with the latest inputs and a good picture from a few angles.

By regulation, new TV's sold in the US must receive the newer digital off-air signals. Older tube TV's were quickly rolled out with digital (some with HD) over-the-air tuners. They were half the price (or less) of their LCD counterparts.

Retail revolt?

Try to get one.

What happened here?

They're almost gone and that's all folks. Your next TV could cost $500 and up (or you can wait a year?).

20 inch and under. There's still a 'decent' selection. Those really crisp and deep color 32's and bigger.... almost sold out nationwide as I write this.

If you want a new tube TV or need one to replace an old one and aren't ready for LCD or HD,, don't walk to your retailer.

As for me. The 'spare' computers come out of the garage, get some quick minor upgrades, and I'm watching over-the-air, satellite, cable AND TV over IP (with hard disk on-board :)

Food for thought ?

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