Thursday, April 24, 2008

Update: Flock Browser goes green? Alltop onboard

So while you guys (and ladies) have been playing with Alertthingy and Twirl, I've gone back to the Flock browser again.

Flock is still the ticket for us social networker, lifestreaming or whatever-you-want-to-call-us addicts ! ....

Abandon Firefox? No. I'm still messing around with the nightly builds leading up to 3.0 RC1, but Flock is, well, just cool (and easy).

I admit it, I keep Twirl open too, and after test driving today's Alertthingy 1.3 upgrade, it's offloaded again. Bad.

I've mentioned before here, that I'm a long-time fan of Thomas Marban's PopUrls and despite the fact that it really is highly addictive for information addicts (like me), I'm reading Guy Kawasaki's Alltop too.

Alltop has been adding A LOT of new categories. This news and info online mash-up is becoming like the Library of Congress for blogs?

The Magic ...
Here I go again ... Same rant, different month.

Unlike some of my favorite A-lister's (whom I still read AND share affectionately :), Kawasaki recognizes the value of his audience, and the fact that you never know who or what will be there tomorrow. Something I've tried to push since this blog started. Before so-called Lifestreaming, and well before the A-List Meme fun we're having with Louis Gray and others.

Kawasaki is constantly looking for Alltop ideas on Twitter.

GREAT Example of direct 'User engagement'?

Last night he promo'd the latest incarnation of Alltop on Twitter, I looked at it, knew he had missed a viable feed, and twittered it to him. (Note: We don't know each other at all). The feed appeared in less than an hour ... and I got a Thank You. (Memo to Kawasaki: Checks are better but Thank You's work too. :)

So how does all this tie together, and why, after off-loading Flock last week (simply because it really was too addictive), did I reinstall it tonight?

The new 'eco' edition of Flock is here. The same Flock that integrates almost everything (including Twitter and Friendfeed, you name it ...) is now in .. ugh .... St Patrick's Day green (cool) and with built in links to, treehugger, and numerous other 'eco resources'.

The important part? According to Flock's CEO Shawn Hardin, "Creating awareness is the best way to effect change, and we’re glad to help by donating 10% of proceeds from the Eco-Edition to an environmental charity, as determined by all the users of the Eco-Edition at the end of 2008".

Finally, it you are at Web 2.0 IN SF right now (Hey gang, share this quick!!), The Flock Meetup is today, April 24 at (where else?), The Chieftain Irish Pub, 198 5th St., SF at 6:30 PM. (Rumor has it Evan Hamilton is buying BEER). Find out the deep secrets of the upcoming Flock 1.2 !

You can check out the new 'green' ECO FLOCK here. (Do it!).

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