Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Wikipedia nightmares ?

It's no secret that a few months ago, there was 'an SEO contest' that led a few seo's to spam Wikipedia with links. The result was Wikipedia announcing the addition of the no-follow tag to external links.

Did it work?

Not really.

It's important to realize that Wikipedia continues to rank very high in the SERPs. It's pages are ALWAYS changing and I suppose that's part of the reason. The question becomes "Is it becoming MORE RELEVANT?".

In a few pages that we look at (and one which we originally wrote), the answer is NO.

I can only say that as more people discover the pages, the more pages are being 're-written with an agenda', important links deleted, and so-called 'commercial links' still appearing where they shouldn't.

I honestly don't have the answer but until someone does, I would suggest that Wikipedia shouldn't be weighted as heavily as they are by the search engines.

One of the most interesting projects on the Net continues to have it's problems.
I'd hate to see it disappear but a 'name or slogan change' might be in order at this stage.
Really sad .... as the original concept was stellar.

All of this has been said many times in the past.
A glance at a few pages last night would have us believing that those of us that have donated 'some time', in good faith, may be disappearing out of sheer frustration.

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