Friday, June 26, 2009

Firefox 3.5 likely for this week (Updated)

Earlier today, I noticed a post on WebMonkey that the public 'final' version of Firefox 3.5 could be available as early as Tuesday.

Apparently, BetaNews confirmed this info a short time ago.

Firefox is still my default browser.  The reason, for the most part, is the myriad of extensions that just make it an easier and customizable Internet experience for me.  I do use Google Chrome (the dev versions), and seem to have had a better-than-most experience with the version of Internet Explorer 8 version that's comes with Windows 7 RC.

My earlier attempts with various release candidates of 3.5 were not as 'healthy' but that's what Beta and Release Candidates are all about......  To get those of us that like messing with this stuff to help get the bugs out (while getting the word out) ... for free :)

Late this afternoon, I downloaded the latest RC (3) of Firefox 3.5.  I installed it using Windows 7 RC on a laptop with reasonable system resources.

There IS a 'noticable' difference and it's been running smoothly with no crashes or huge 'memory blocks'.  While I don't (never have) benchmark software because I think it's a very safe assumption that there are too many variables (IE: Your hardware, Internet connection, existing running processes, etc.), I think it's safe to say that Mozilla has a fairly substantial improvement on the way with Firefox 3.5.

The Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate 3 can be downloaded here , or, you can 'play it safe' and wait for Tuesday :)

Great Weekend you guys ...

Update 1:  Some major websites are not yet recognizing Firefox 3.5 including the new Google Adwords PPC interface.

Update 2: June 30, 2009 11 AM ET:  Firefox 3.5 has been released.  The current 'available languages' download page can be found here, and the release notes are here.