Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Google - Hey, we can do that !

As the buzz continues to build around Microsoft's Bing 'decision engine', over at Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan commented on a new link appearing today on Google. 

Google took to their front page Wednesday with a 'small note' :

The bottom link goes here. It's not only a reminder to Bing users, but to WolframAlpha AND Twitter users (Quakes?) as well.

In the Search Engine Land piece, Danny also points to an older Google 'help' page showing even more search shortcuts.   I had forgotten entirely about the 'quakes' shortcut and find myself hopping over the the USGS pages every time a new one trends on TwitScoop.

The jury's still out on whether or not Bing can maintain and/or grow a double-digit search market share. In a piece by Reuters a short time ago citing comScore's recent 'search numbers' and titled 'Microsoft makes big gains with Bing', Steve Ballmer was quoted a calling Google 'a big dog competitor'.

Think I'll leave that one right there :)