Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Google and Virgin America take Cloud Computing to new heights

Like to fly?

The Google App Team and Virgin Atlantic have a little contest for you.

They're literally taking Cloud Computing to ...ugh .... the clouds!

As airlines continue to roll-out Wi-Fi in the US and abroad, a challenge in the air is taking place on June 24th.

All you need is a (free) Google account and one hour (only!)

'Day in the Cloud' is a scavenger hunt using Google Docs (and free Wi-Fi if you happen to be on Virgin Atlantic at the time).

Become one of the top scorers and you might win a brand-new HP netbook, 1 terabyte of Google Account storage for your photos and mail ... plus, you'll fly free for a year on Virgin America.

For those who absolutely must have their feet on the ground that day ... it's OK .... you can play too.

Details on 'Day in the Cloud' can be found on the recently launched website here.

You can also follow the 'challenge' on Twitter or participate with the hashtag #dayinthecloud.

The official eligibility rules will be posted here soon.

As of this post, flights were still available to select destinations on Virgin America if you want 'the full experience' .....

.... and you thought Spymaster was cool.