Monday, June 15, 2009

Now I'm convinced. BING could be HUGE.

 On a day when the 'tech press' is talking up, the latest start-up in online 'decision making' (and a fun test drive no doubt).... a week or so into it's premier, I was taking Bing for a serious spin.

Is this just another 'search identity crisis' for Microsoft?

I know I've written numerous posts about Bing in the past week, but any SEO or SEM that's serious about what they do, should always be experimenting and researching any new product that comes along that 'has a chance' (while at the same time, keeping up with the latest changes from established players).

I think it's safe to say that after 13 years of doing this stuff, I have a decent feel for the web landscape .... where many authoritative answers come from .... and which websites (new and old) can be trusted in various spaces.

During the course of the day, (in between working and entertaining unexpected guests ?!), I asked Bing 40 or 50 questions.  Just like that.  Not in 'search form'.  I asked it questions.

Without hesitation, I can honestly say .... I was outright blown away 

This is NOT with a facelift.  This IS what ASK should have been ...

The questions ranged from very simple querys (in question form) to specific ones, some in newer and emerging industries.  Yes, I even asked a few tough 'out there' questions to see if websites that I am current 'involved with' would appear. 

Bing ... WE were right there.  (Ugh ... Wow?).

So was 'What time is it?' :)

It's no secret that I'm a huge Google fan.  I love (and use) just about everything they have out there.

This is an entirely different product and the 'Bing lovers' I've run in to on Twitter have a reason to be talking.

So this guy, whose been running around saying "Microsoft's next big thing IS Windows 7" (and pent up demand for PCs by businesses and individuals worldwide) .... is now thinking Redmond is on the verge of a major growth spurt on the web as well .... well beyond the enterprise level.

Bing works.  Period.

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Did YOUR Bing questions work?