Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The pessimists aren't laughing anymore

Over the past seven years, I've written more than a few articles in various places including right here about one of my 'dreams' for the future of the Internet.

For the most part, my comments were dismissed, even laughed at, almost every time I went in that direction.

The 'dream' was a simple one.  Connecting the people of the world, even bypassing governments, in a way that the average citizen of any country could learn the truth about each other, and the fact, that most people are generally good natured and want peace and friendship.

The recent events in Iran as well as the obvious 'cave' by US media outlets to the wishes of Twitter followers  is the first real example I've actually seen of 'the dream'.  Of course, it comes under very disheartening circumstances with many being hurt, injured or worse.

Yet, the evolution is here. It's here now.  The pieces to the puzzle are in place. The people are ready.

The only obstacle the the 'average citizens of the world' connecting and communicating over the coming years will be 'hate' teachings that have been handed down over generations.  It's up to all of us to educate each other and our children that these teachings are part of a completely obsolete bias.  That won't happen overnight.  It could even take a generation.

As I drove home this evening and listened to a US satellite news channel continuing their coverage (almost non stop) on the continuing protests in Iran, I couldn't help but wonder if my dream had begun.

That ..... we've witnessed a new beginning.

With all the financial gloom and doom worldwide, I'm viewing this first step as a very bright light for our childrens' future.

Charlie Anzman