Saturday, June 13, 2009

Verizon unleashes LG EnV Touch in the US

The long-rumored, LG enV Touch cellphone was rolled out over the last 3 days in the US by Verizon.

The predecessor to the LG Voyager is lookin' good....slimmer, lighter, and with improved features.

The VX11000 began hitting stores late Wednesday and the Verizon Wireless website yesterday.

As posted on Friendfeed last night, after putting it through it paces, I bought one.  It was bye-bye Blackberry for this guy.  Yes, I liked it (for my purposes) better than the 'Storm' which is still experiencing a few issues (with a promised software update coming).

The rundown:
It DOES have 'the network' .... so here in rural America with multi-band capability and the new Verizon 'Rev A', the Internet works with a flash-compatible HTML browser.

LG has yet to put out a phone that 'bombs' (to my memory).  Their quality control in this space is excellent.  In this short period of time, that appears to be the case for the Touch.

The phone not only has a unique 3 inch touchscreen (with vibrating feedback) but flip it open, the speakerphone goes on, and you have a second screen with a QWERTY keyboard that is not crowded, even for people with big fingers.

The onboard 3.2 MP camera has a flash, does video, and the phone accepts standard inexpensive microSD flash cards for expansion and easy transfer of music, photos and videos to your computer.

Dolby stereo (with 6 customizable EQ settings) for downloaded music is also included (the music isn't :), and the Touch is Bluetooth stereo compatible.

It's pretty obvious (with regional pricing and a slew of ongoing TV commercials) that Verizon, AT&T and Sprint have declared 'war'. 

With the original iPhone selling for about the price of this phone already. and the new G S on the way, I haven't seen phone prices at these levels for some time.  (Some stores are even sporting almost-crazy 2 for one deals).

I may not be able to 'get an app for that' but it's the closest thing to it .....

Have a Great Weekend All
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