Monday, June 29, 2009

Got News? Google and YouTube Want You!

Many of us have noted significant changes at YouTube over the past few months.
 As noted in a post of the YouTube Biz Blog as short time ago (and cross posted to the Google News Blog), the YouTube News Channel is partnering with Google News and is rolling out the welcome mat.

It's important to note that Google IS including 'citizen journalism' video as well as 'unique' news organizations  deemed to be 'authoritative' in the news partner program.

It's pretty apparent that Google and YouTube want to be 'the' online video news portal while making Google News faster and more relevant.

With Video and Mobile still on the cutting edge of search and no doubt the continuing next chapter on the Internet, Google wants to be all over this .... and right now, they're offering you a chance to be part of it.

More details on how to be featured on the YouTube News Channel (or other new channel) can be found here (or here).  The YouTube Partner program can be found here.