Friday, June 12, 2009

Will analog TV watchers turn to the net?

Estimates floating around the web the past few days have approxiamtely 2.8 million people here in the US without access to television signals this morning.

Yes, the once-delayed switch to DTV is now on .... and the analog signals are off.

There are numerous resources on the web to find your local DTV station.  Most are commercial in nature (Wanna buy an antenna ? :), but the government site now has a feature where you can simply enter your zip code for a list of stations and approximate signal strength.

The other important fact for over the air HD and DTV watchers is to remember to re-scan your TV.  Some stations will actually change frequency and a few are adding local simulcast transmitters in more rural areas.

In these more remote areas of the country, broadband Internet, in many cases, is actually easier to find (or get) than cable or an over-the-air TV signal.

If the numbers are right, and loads people waited til the last minute .... Will some go satellite?  (Competitors DirecTv and Dish Network are both advertising heavily on the web and elsewhere today).

With 2.8 million TV viewers without a signal today (for whatever reason) and a middle class dealing with a severe economic downturn, it's my guess that Hulu, YouTube, and will see an immediate increase in users.

Will anyone give up the 'old tube' entirely?  Many already have but it's still mostly people in the tech sector and but all indications still a very small number.