Friday, September 26, 2008

CCleaner updated to include Google's Chrome

CCleaner, the handy, small, and free system utility featured here numerous times in our 'Free Stuff to play with over the weekend' feature, is out with a new version.

If you've never used it, CCleaner is a lightweight (adware and spyware free) utility that lets you delete your cache, temp files, cookies and more 'gunk' fast, with a couple of mouse clicks (Sometimes gigabytes worth!).  It also has a decent registry analyzer and fixer on board which lets you back up before repairing.

(Note:  If you don't want a Yahoo! toolbar or automatic updates, you can opt out during the installation.  Upgrades can be performed by simply installing the newest version over the old one).

Version 2.12 released yesterday impliments these changes:
Added Google Chrome support.
- Improved cleaning security checks.
- Improved recursive cleaning functions.
- Fixed bug in INI FileKey evaluation routine.
- Updated INI file processing engine.
- Improved system info checks for modern CPUs.
- Various language and translation improvements.
- Minor GUI tweaks.

You can download a copy of CCleaner here.