Friday, September 19, 2008

What did he say? - Newsflashr and Spy revisited

In this new and continuously evolving chapter of microblogging and lifestreaming, it's becoming increasing difficult to track what people you 'follow' are saying .... and at times, ... what you've said?!

Over the past few days, I've revisited both Newsflashr and Ben Hedrington's 'Spy'

At first glance, Newsflashr appears like any other searchable aggregator.  Try a vanity search.  IE:  Search your own name.  If you do any writing, blogging, commenting, 'liking', etc, I can almost guarantee you'll get a few surprises.  I said what?

Ben Hedrington is watching everybody.  There's just no doubt about it.  I sent a Twitter to Sarah Perez a few weeks ago (Sarah writes for RWW, Channel 10, and others), and Ben picked it up in a heartbeat.  Literally. Why?  I was talking about his (pretty neat) Google App Engine powered 'Spy'.

Spy is really amazing.  An almost real-time view of what you (or anyone else) is saying with a unique graphical display.  It's a 'must try'.

There are a few commercial Buzz Tracking Tools and/or Reputation Monitoring programs out there that are more comprehensive such as Andy Beal's Trackur

More suited to business (or politics??), the commercial entities do a good job and are evolving as well.

Give Newsflashr and Spy a fresh spin.  The cool stuff just keeps on coming. 


Have a GREAT weekend all!