Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mozilla upgrades Firefox Version 3 to 3.0.2

Earlier this afternoon, Mozilla upgraded both Firefox 3 and it's predecessor Firefox 2.

The latest version of Firefox 3 is now 3.0.2 and Firefox 2 is now

If your browser isn't set to automatically update (or just hasn't yet ... ), simply tap 'Help' (at the top) then 'check for updates', and follow the instructions.

While Mozilla is now urging users to upgrade from Version 2 to Version 3, they are still supporting the older technology browser.

Included in the latest release are numerous security and stability fixes, a variety of new languages, better rendering of some web pages, as well as some Mac OS X specific issues.

Firefox is been steadily gaining ground as the second most used web browser next to Microsoft's Internet Explorer over the past two years, and continues to be a favorite among the 'blogging' and tech communities.

The full (free) install of Firefox 3.0.2 (for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux) can be found here.