Monday, September 8, 2008

Twitter to get TV buzz from CNN ... again

At 3 PM ET today, CNN's Rick Sanchez is doing a 'new Twitter show' according to a 'tweet' captured by blogger Craig Stoltz.

Numerous prominent bloggers in recent weeks have noted CNN's fascination with Twitter which seemed to coincide with inteviews done at the Democratic and Republican conventions.

Sanchez, Anderson Cooper, and several other CNN anchors and staffers have been posting to the service ever since.

For over a year, man bloggers have written prices about 'Twitter' breaking news.  Some agree while others discounted the stories, while ....

Almost every major news service has been engaging in user contributions or 'Citizen Journalism', both locally and worldwide. 

CNN's portal for citizen journalism is iReport.

Twitter and Friendfeed did actually break a story just last week., (which turned out to be minor by California standards).  At least 100 people posted to the two services during the event.  The 4.0 earthquake, in the heart of Silicon Valley, was reported 7 minutes later by the USGS seismic websites.

Twitter is the micro-blogging 'darling' of the tech crowd, despite a series of overload outages that caused many to predict the end of the start-up earlier this year. 

Since that time Twitter has seen large (massive) private equity investments, the most significant of which was recently led by Jeff Bezos, founder of

Twitter's uptime has been improving, and in recent weeks very significantly, and many who said they would 'never use the service again'  .... seem to be back.  Others are embracing similar services (like or going directly to Friendfeed, which aggregates over 40 different services while allowing real-time  direct interation as well.

Is convergence of the mainstream here?  I doubt that chapter has even begun to be written yet.