Sunday, September 21, 2008

Latest upgrade to Twhirl rocks !

Late Friday, a new version of the popular desktop client Twirl was released.

If you had the latest version, you were probably auto-updated.  If you didn't, you may not have been.

I've had Twhirl 0.8.6 running nicely in the background on both the XP and Vista boxes for the past few hours. 

One word.  Nice!

Twirl now lets you access Twitter, Friendfeed,, Seesmic and also has generic support for the platform that powers

The latest version also fixes a few problems created when Twitter changed their API.

Open all the windows at once and ... watch the 'micro world' go by!

This is a really sweet update.  Be sure and check it out.  (It works on OS X too!)

Kudos to Marco, Loic and the Seesmic team on this desktop app.  It's a winner.

You can download Twhirl at their website or check out the latest features on the Twhirl blog here.