Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Microsoft offers free Office Online eBook

Katherine Murray, an accomplished author of over 50 books related to Internet technologies and the digital lifestyle, has joined with the Microsoft Office Live team to produce an extensive (304 page) reference to the Online Office product.

Initially launched as a 'Get a website for your business free' product last year, Microsoft Office Live now integrates a variety of online applications, some free, and others by subscription.

The product has improved significantly since we began our simple beta test last year.  More recently, the team has been introducing new features to existing users, as well continually to beta testers.

The book, 'Take Your Business Online', provides a simplified approach to new users, as well as marketing tips and ideas for putting a small business online for the first time.  It also serves as an easy-to-read,  walk-through guide to Microsoft's Online product.

Katherine Murray is the founder of reVisions Plus, Inc. Her 'occasional' blog announced completion of the book in April.

The ebook, a 20 MB download in PDF format, is available free until October 19th, from Microsoft here.