Sunday, September 14, 2008

CoolIris (PicLens) and Firebug - Significant Upgrades

Over the weekend both CoolIris (formerly Piclens) and Firebug for Firefox both issued significant updates.

CoolIris has been featured here numerous times.  If you want to surf photos and videos across the web,  there's simply nothing like it.  

Firebug is an open source Firefox add-on which allows you to, on the fly, view source code, execute javascript, monitor network activity, and more. All immediately, while viewing the page in the Internet.

You don't have to be a techie to fall for CoolIris.  If you are viewing a CoolIris 'enabled' website, it grabs and displays the images in a variety of ways, 3D style across your screen instantly. If you're not on a CoolIris specific site, the integrated search and the discover features deliver a collage of photos and videos by keyword or category (with a good chance you've never seen many of them before).  Move them around and zoom in and out with your mouse.

Firebug keeps the developer in mind.  Script error on a page?  Firebug will isolate it in a heartbeat.  The latest version shoots a few bugs and adds features.  Potentially, one of the most popular Firefox extensions for 'coders'.

If you haven't visited either of these programs since Firefox went to 3.0.1, they're well worth another look.

I seriously doubt you'll be offloading them anytime soon.