Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Microsoft releases new build of Pro Photo Tools

Microsoft has released version 2.2 of Pro Photo Tools, the company's popular (and free) photo metadata editor.

Version 2.2 has support for 64-bit systems, improved geotagging, support for XMP, as well as interfacing with Microsoft's Live.com local.

This release adds several new features while providing the tools to perform common tasks, such as embedding photo keywords, author, time and date, etc.

Google, Yahoo, and Live.com have all been hard at work with image search, and while geotagging has helped in many cases, this simple tool can embed and augment the labels and keywords already available on many online galleries.

In addition, Microsoft is inviting your feedback.

You can download the latest build of Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2 from the Microsoft Download Center or the Microsoft Professional Photography homepage.

edit 10 AM ET