Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Republican National Convention on the web

I promised to follow up the DNC Convention resources piece last week with an article on Web Resources to view the Republican National Convention shortly thereafter.

Then came Gustav, and a decision to reschedule the entire convention

Many on Twitter were wondering about travel plans changing, but at the very last minute, an abbreviated first day did go on ... and the bloggers and many others holding press passes were in the air to St. Paul.

Miss yesterday?

The official website of the 2008 Republican National Convention is here. It's an easy to navigate website (very easy), and does have video re-runs using UStream, and audio feeds as well.

The RNC has asked that you visit this site first and help the victims of Hurricane Gustav in any way that you can.

Press Releases (with an RSS feed) are now being updated with full schedules for the next 3 days and can be found here.

Twitter?  Yep.  The 'official' Twitter feed is here.  Google is providing search for the website and other official web partners include Digg, YouTube, MySpace, UStream and Facebook.

The question that landed in my e-mail (a lot?) the most during the Democratic Convention was who the accredited bloggers are.  At this moment, I am unable to find that list for the RNC but bloggers are mentioned throughout the website.The McCain campaign website is also being updated as of late yesterday and may provide some additional information as the day goes on.

Promise kept. 

I know I've said it before.... but to all of those who joined me on other networks, Friendfeed, and numerous social places, providing links and excellent information as Hurricane Gustav approached prior to full-time mainstream media coverage, did a GREAT job.  Take solice in the thought that if you helped one elderly or ill person get out of harms way, you made a HUGE contribution.

Great week to all!