Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hotmail Outage - Update 3

A Hotmail outage that had been intermittent for most of the morning (at least throughout much of the Northeast United States), is now causing a little havoc among Hotmail users who are now commenting on social websites and elsewhere.

This morning, we received numerous reports from users in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey that Microsoft's e-mail service was down or very slow. Service appeared to be restored around 11:30 AM EST.

Then down again.

Attempts to reach Hotmail are currently receiving the message 'Service Unavailable'.

Final Update: While it's apparent there is some ongoing difficulty today with Hotmail, most users are now reporting the service is restored but very slow or difficult to log in to..

The outage appears to be countrywide (worldwide?) with numerous reports now received.
Thanks to everyone for your input!

Updated post 1:31 PM EST Feb 26, 2008