Thursday, February 14, 2008

Microsoft Exec shake-up expected today - Update

CNET is reporting that that the anticipated upper-level shake-up at Microsoft will be announced later today.

Notable in the piece is the departure of Senior VP Steven Berkowitz, founder of (then AskJeeves), which he sold to IAC several years ago. He left IAC / Interactive not too long after the sale to join Microsoft.

Berkowitz, who used to be a regular on the SEO convention and other circuits has been pretty quiet since arriving at Microsoft. It will be interesting (very?) to see where he goes next.

It would be very cool, with recent 'events' unfolding between Barry Diller and Liberty Media if he was heading back, to try and make a more viable player in search with a larger market share. Jobs, Case, and others have done it. Why not Berkowitz?

Stay tuned.

Update Feb 14 PM : Appears Steven Berkowitz departure is in August. Mary Jo Foley has the run down on the fairly significant realignment at Microsoft on ZDNet here .

Update 2: The complete text of the press release from Microsoft on the management changes is now posted here .