Tuesday, February 19, 2008

iPhone AT&T Facebook ad campaign goes network

I'll qualify this piece by saying I'm a lifetime PC user (Did someone say boo ??).

There are only two things that get me thinking about a Mac, iPOD or an iPhone every once in a while.

Apple's advertising.
.....and a few friends that keep harping on me.

Like the ultra-sleek design of their products, every time I see an Apple commercial, I want an iPhone. More recently, especially since reading some of my colleagues informal reviews, I've wanted a MacBook Air. It IS definitely slick.

I guess we've had a couple of Apple ads from YouTube on this blog. Tonight was different. There it was, on NBC (in both the NY and NE PA markets), the iPhone, AT&T, Facebook ad.

Now, there's only one thing left stopping me. AT&T doesn't work here. Whew ....