Friday, February 22, 2008

Recession could be GOOD for Google

I've blogged here before that the Silicon Alley Insider is one of my favorite places to visit, especially now that the online publication is growing and it's voice is getting louder. I also have a lot of respect for Henry Blodget.

This subject has come up before. I've put my thoughts into comments on other websites.

This time, right here, and time will tell?

In a piece earlier today by Blodget, he commented that a recession in the US could be bad for Google.

Our contention on this issue is fairly simple.

The return on investment in Google Adwords (and others) if you do it right, and monitor your analytics carefully, is still significantly better than most other media.

Since that's a rather broad statement, I'll qualify it just a touch. Obviously, the target audience and keyword competition plays a role here. My 'take' is not universal. Some keywords are rising to rediculous levels, but that's still the exception rather than the rule in most spaces.

Since we're talking universal, it is important to note that since the latest update to Google's Universal Search earlier this month, more companies in MANY sectors will now be forced to buy adwords if they want decent visibility on Google. The new 'ten at the top' that appears under many search phrases now puts a lot of companies and others 'below the fold'. Many of them realize that, and will go for the 'buy' for a variety of reasons, and will also consider buying the 'network', as opposed to Google-only.

The 2008 media buy will be filled with difficult decisions.

It will be easier than ever to target your demographic (in most cases). Numerous cable and satellite channels, websites, blogs. LOTS of options. Where to go?

A brave, new world :)

Advertising will be more difficult to price for all media channels as this evolves, and contrary to what others have written, when the mainsteam advertisers discover blogs that work, monitizing for many blog publishers will provide a much better return.

Direct and affiliate marketing will flourish during 2008 right along side keyword buys.

As for me, I'd much rather do a media buy that I can track, almost in real time first, then move from there?

We'll see.