Sunday, February 3, 2008

Yahoo says decision will take some time - Google responds.

In a second reaction to the Microsoft takeover proposal, Yahoo posted a brief Q & A to their website late Saturday. The company is planning to take their time, evaluating all options, including the possibility of remaining independent.

This type of reaction was fairly typical for a company that, despite earlier overtures, has in fact, been hit with what is usually characterized as a hostile takeover bid.

Reuters ran a story late Saturday noting Yahoo's comments, and went on to indicate that Microsoft said they have been courting Yahoo for 18 months.

It is noteworthy that Yahoo employee Jeremy Zawodny, just back from his honeymoon, did post a brief perspective on his own blog, (which we did carry on our shared feed earlier this weekend).

Update: Google has posted their first reaction to proposed takeover the official Google blog here.
Update 2: Microsoft responded early Sunday with a statement here .