Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's all about mobile

While the Microsoft - Yahoo deal continues to dominate the headlines, numerous other deals are being discussed and /or completed in the tech sector.

Make no mistake about it. Cellphones, and everything about them, from operating systems to navigation are hot, as evidenced by several deals in the GPS mapping arena these past few months and yesterday's announcement that Microsoft has 'picked-up' Danger, the manufacturer of T-Mobile's Sidekick.

Starbucks made headlines yesterday as well as you can now bring your iPhone there. No more T-Mobile. Starbucks has switched to AT&T.

The first Android-based phones were also shown this week, and while this technology has a way to go, it's apparent it is being developed for the consumer market by some vendors.

Video streaming consolidation will be another area to watch in the next few months as the umpteen players in this space begin to get financed, bought and / or vaporize.

With all the news about 'search,' it's easy to overlook what's going on in the everyday tech sectors.

Just someone please let me know when my cellphone can dispense coffee....