Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Live Blogging from SMX West 2008

In a follow up to our piece on the 3 converging industry conferences, and who's live blogging what, there are now some great updates at SeoRoundtable , THE Lisa and Susan Esparza are live blogging over at the Bruce Clay blog, and, of course, daily updates are being posted to Search Engine Land.

Who gets the first Flickr Photos Award for SMX West?

Richard V. Burckhardt. You can find a few of his pics here.
Barry Schwartz followed with a variety of photos here and ...
The third runner-up is evilgreenmonkey with a few party pics here .
and ... Li Evans has put up her first photos here .
What the heck ... here's a few from W. Chris Smith

Now we're getting somewhere! Some..ugh...fun shots from Ross Dunn here.
Here's a few SMX photos from Lee Odden's staff (TopRank) here

Barry Schwartz posted a video of him chatting with WebProNews on leap year Friday here and
Vanessa Fox just posted some videos to her blog here .

Final SMX West Update 15!