Sunday, February 17, 2008

Capitalizing in Bad Markets

The US dollar dropped again this week and it seems that industries that could profit from this, are doing NOTHING about it?

I've mentioned geo-targeting numerous times throughout the brief lifetime of this blog.

The leisure travel sector as one example (with a few niche exceptions), is significantly off projections, and the earnings of most major hotel operators are starting to show it.

Travel to the US at the current exchange rates is less expensive than in a long time.

There needs to be a consortium of some sort to promote this.

The US is one of the only countries in the world without a federal level 'Ministry of Tourism'.

Canadians are also shopping in the US and saving taxes and with the current exchange rate.
US Malls are advertising in Canada!

Just a little food for thought.
Are YOU missing an opportunity?

Good weekend all
Charlie & crew ....