Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yahoo is talking to AOL - This could work.

Take two 'ailing' but long-time, and heavily-visited portals and what do you get. A potentially viable poison pill defense for the Microsoft-Yahoo takeover.

The Times Online (UK) is reporting that Yahoo is in talks with AOL.

Time-Warner has recently rebuffed rumors about selling AOL and instead said they were going to split the unit into two separate operating companies. They have been downsizing personnel.

Keep in the back of your mind, throughout these Yahoo negotiations, that AOL's market cap at one time was so high that they were able to BUY Time-Warner. That's what can happen on Wall Street.

The Microsoft - Yahoo takeover landscape is now finally starting to get interesting.

Google is a 'provider' to AOL. AOL needs help. Yahoo needs help.

Time-Warner, potentially with a little help from Google, could potentially delay any deal or even, yes, kill-it.

Any delay is a big plus for Google.

We're not ready yet to retract our 'It's a done deal' (ONLY because we're talking about Steve Ballmer here) , but now, we're getting close.

Stay tuned :)