Thursday, February 21, 2008

More SkyDrive and We Love Free Stuff !

There's a lot of free stuff on the web. Some of it works pretty well. Some excellent. Others, well you know.

Last month, about this time, we featured a few freeware programs that we use often here, and are time-tested.

In the past two years, literally tons of web-based free stuff began to appear from Microsoft, Google, Sun, Adobe, and many open source individuals and companies. We mess around with a lot of them. I mean, they're free? Productivity aside, Google Earth is simply awesome.

Today's news from Microsoft that their Live Spaces SkyDrive online storage space is now 5 Gigs (and free) really came as no big surprise. Think GMail. I think GMail's giving us a gig a day more space. Maybe that's a stretch....

So, we tested SkyDrive and only have one suggestion for Microsoft (in the outside chance they're running out of disk space? :).

Over the years, we have had several Hotmail, MSN, and now addresses (under the same user name). We found 5 Megs on each, and they all worked, and yes, they're consolidated.

Should we shoot for 100 Megs? I think not.

What will we do with all this cool storage? With local back-up drives becoming ultra-cheap, probably nothing. Skydrive IS easy-to-use for newbies like many of the 'Microsoft Live' products, so if you need a quick back-up, or you want to download all your Flickr pics just in case ???, here's your chance!