Monday, February 25, 2008

Did Yang and Decker really talk about MS today?

As I read the headlines blare across TechMeMe tonight, I thought to myself who's in the industry that might be live blogging from Phoenix and maybe have another view?.

I had my little cheat sheet on who's attending what, simply so I could keep track of the industry trends from here in the mountains of Pennsylvania, and I went over to John Battelle's blog. John was live blogging from the IAB event.

The CEO of Federated Media, a company that saw the 2.0 revolution coming (and profited nicely from it) would certainly have an opinion.

Did Jerry Yang and Sue Decker really 'break their silence' on the Microsoft takeover attempt?. Well maybe a little... just a very, very little.

You can read John Battelle here. (It's almost as good as being there, without the Dramamine :)