Monday, November 26, 2007

Analytics that designers and SEO's should know

Community quick post ... Odds and ends from 'the mountain' ...

We averaged a few past-month analytics from 29 websites today and came up with the following results:

Browsers: IE (7 and 6) over 80 per cent.
Firefox continuing climb with between 12-14% of page views. (If you look like crud on Firefox, it's time to fix it!). Safari also climbed a bit averaging 3 per cent (Thank you iPhone?!).

Most common (approx 60%) screen resolution is 1024 x 800. The rest of you are all over the place, with a few still lingering at 800 x 600...

The biggest change in one month. Dial-up users now averaging below 5% of users. First time.

The rest of you did a great job covering the news :)

Added Brogan to the Blogroll - Thought his blog was cool.

Finally, congrats to fellow Pennsylvanian, the 'Nanny', whose obvious addiction to blogging appears to be paying off (Nice job Shana!)

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