Tuesday, November 20, 2007

SEO and SEM in the coming years - You can help!

In the past, I very rarely make a post to an SEO or search engine forum. I did my own thing and was happy doing it. Lately, including this modest blog, I've decided to change that. I don't need the 'promotion'. The industry does need cooperation.

Times are changing and it will be more difficult, with newer and dynamic technologies, for the search engines to deliver the best possible organic results.

There has been an ongoing thread on Matt Cutts (Google) blog that while disturbing can also be enlightening. I, for one, think there's tremendous potential in dialog like this. Not just for Google, but for Live, Yahoo, Ask, Cuill, and any others that may approach the search arena in a serious way in the coming years.

Delivering relevant results is becoming more difficult as well as the search engines decisions on what may appear in or on top of the results, which could have an effect on entire industries.

I did make a post to Matt's blog. I think the community, instead of labeling this dialog as 'combat', should promote these exchanges, hopefully before Matt closes out the comments on this thread.

The dialog is here. The more people in the search engine, SEM and SEO world that comment, the better.

We can all contribute to a better Internet. This is just one way.

Charlie Anzman

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