Monday, November 12, 2007

TechCrunch founder cancels all speaking engagements

Entrepreneur Mike Arrington, editor of TechCrunch, made headlines all over the web this past weekend. Bloggers, and even the mainstream media, blasting him for being a 'no show' at last week's BlogWorldExpo.

I don't know Mike. Maybe some don't like him. Maybe some are simply jealous of TechCrunch's success. The fact is that the site does break a lot of important stories.

Evidently Mike didn't even know that he was being promoted as being the the show schedule.

Late yesterday, he made a post to CrunchNotes, his personal blog, canceling all upcoming speaking engagements.

Truly a sad chapter in an industry that needs to hear from people that have achieved success in the rapidly growing and dynamic blog space.

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