Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The two most dangerous people in your company

Having served in both positions in my electic (understatement?) career at one point or another , I can say this information is still valid in this new dynamic and global world in which we now live.

As CEO's finally become more tech-saavy, one of the issues is getting better. For a lot of small and medium size companies, this simply isn't the case.

Education is the solution, so here's my modest 'donation'.

No, it's not your CFO.

1) Your purchasing manager. Everybody loves him (or her) including your vendors. It may be obvious but often overlooked. Company policies address it but it still runs rampant throughout all kinds of companies. Is YOUR purchasing team taking a few 'excessive gifts' at your expense?
This is the time of year to watch, and maybe in January or February, find out if there's a new 'vacation home' or BMW in the garage ?

2) The IT nightmare continues for both small companies and governments. Your CIO or IT person.

He (or she) signed all kinds of stuff. People change, times change. Is there a blueprint of your IT infrastructure?. Is there at least ONE more person that knows ALL the passwords? Your biggest liability could be your proprietary technology if (1) It isn't spelled out and (2) You can't access it if 'something changes'!

A little 'Thursday" food for thought ....

Special thanks, once again, to all who have dropped me a note. We done our best, time permitting, to make this (and a few other websites) informative and interesting. Lots more to come :)
Charlie Anzman

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