Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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Wednesday morning 'update':

Some may have noticed that yesterday, we put an short update on our recent MyBlogLog post to explain a little more about cookies. Just a few facts that probably should have been included in the original piece.

This morning, we received a note (via MyBlogLog) from Yahoo's Ian Kennedy pointing to this page where it explains how you can 'block your face' on other sites while surfing with MyBlogLog when you wish to. A cool tool.... and Kudo's to Ian for reacting so quickly...

More Google ....

We've had numerous discussions here relative to Google's 'dynamic indexing' of blogs lately .....

It was pretty obvious, when we posted the 'Google Green' piece yesterday that it would be an international headline within hours.

It was still an important story to a lot of people so we posted it after seeing it on the Google blog.

Just curious, we checked back just TEN MINUTES later. The story had already been indexed by Google. This is getting truly amazing.

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