Thursday, November 1, 2007

Browser Wars Sequel ? Firefox releases version

Firefox Update Released - Fixes bugs in previous version.

Late today, the first web browser to take a 'respectable' market share from Microsoft's Internet Explorer in years, released an updated version (, fixing a few bugs that had been reported in the previous release.

Existing users of Firefox should be automatically updated or can select 'help' from the tool bar, then 'check for updates'.

Firefox is currently estimated to have about an 10-12% market share, as compared to about 3% for Apple's Safari, a number which is confirmed by our own multiple website analytics.

Apple recently released a much improved version of Safari for Windows users in Beta (version 3). Safari is the default web browser in Apple's iPhone and all current Apple computers.

Last month, Microsoft released a version of the latest Internet Explorer Version 7 that no longer requires the authentication of the user's copy of Windows XP SP2.

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