Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blogburst yes - BlogRush no??

I guess this would make sense in a real world, but then again we're here in cyberspace.

Yes, we received one of the now infamous 'no thanks' letters from BlogRush for this blog. We didn't mention it because we sure the gang there really worked hard to see what was written well, what was actually important to the 'blogosphere', and even who knew how to spell ...
It was just one of our many tests and unfortunately we don't get to play with their widgey ... :)

We were pleased today as BlogBurst , Pluck's mainstream media syndication network, sent us a little note.

We are more than pleased to collaborate (integrate?) with BlogBurst. Social Media IS changing the way news is reported and Blogburst is an easy vehicle for us to do 'our small part', when the time and copy is right.

Of all the blogs and websites I've been involved with over 11 years, by far this one has been the most enlightening (and just fun!).

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