Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Page Rank vs Trusted Sites and a new Google Patent

As I continue to read the ongoing 'dialog' about the recent Google Page Rank changes, it's become pretty clear that the fixation with Page Rank will continue.

A number of you have incurred the dreaded -30 (or 40?) penalty in recent days and are actively seeking answers.

Others are watching their websites go from the top 10 to the -90 penalty category in just a few short days.

We reviewed some of these sites today. Some 'earned' the penalty (see below). Others may only be temporary victims of an algorithm adjustment. Something that almost always occurs during a time like this, and usually can be rectified over a short period of time.

Earlier today, I read a post by Bill Slawski on a new patent granted to Google just yesterday on "Web Spam, Doorway Pages and Manipulative Articles". Google applied for the patent, according to Bill, almost 4 years ago on December 10, 2003.

The key point in this piece is, that if you take the time to read the somewhat lengthy document, your answers may be right there. The patent literally spells out how Google is attempting to weed-out spammy websites (and blogs) and is a must-read for all of us.

It's a lot more than just paid links.

Bill's piece is posted to his website, SEO by the Sea here.

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