Friday, November 2, 2007

Could Twitter be the next acquisition target?

Almost as fast as the Internet media embraced and helped launch Facebook, it seems Twitter is following the same path.

In the past month, I've read more articles on people using Twitter side-by-side with Google Reader (at least 5 in the SEO community along) than I can count.

Could Twitter (not that they're exactly the same), deep six the 'big guys' Messenger clients?. Almost every college kid in America has AOL's Instant Messenger open!

We gave Twitter a brief spin this week. It IS cool. It is very non-evasive. You can actually get other stuff done and not get distracted by it.

So, here goes the 'first prediction' for this blog.

Because the Internet 'insiders' have embraced Twitter for their own use, it will start to get a lot of media play in the mainsteam. The IS what happened with Facebook.

There might be a little more venture capital for Twitter. Maybe a 'partner', well before it gets large enough to go public (which seems well in the distance).

Will there be a bid for Twitter?

There's prediction No. 1 for SEO and Tech Daily.

Let's see if we look back on this post ..... or not .. or how long they hold out before the founders say "OK, we'll take it".

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