Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hulu 2? - Fox and NBC Universal unleash more video

Hulu is the new web-based video distribution channel being tested by the co-owners, NBC Universal and Fox. Still in private beta, the initial reviews weren't too exciting.

This morning, I received an 'invite' along with a number of others that I spoke with. Evidently Hulu is either rolling out a better product, or wants to keep the buzz alive.

The other possibility is they are countering the negative press accounts last week when NBC fired a number of employees currently on strike, reportedly including the entire writing staff at Saturday Night Live. That headline hit home with two generations of SNL fans.

I took a quick stroll over to the Hulu test site early this morning. The interface was clean and 'quiet'. No flashy ads or distractions. Navigation was simple.

Three clicks and I found it ... 24 :) Both clips and full-length episodes.

First Impressions - Hulu: I'm going to do a little more testing later this week, but as for video quality, at least here, it was absolutely excellent. HD quality with absolutely no notice of buffering using my 15 Meg (down) cable Internet connection.

The problem?

I always have a hard time turning off 24 .

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