Saturday, November 3, 2007

Daylight Savings Time and your Computer

If you're doing sixteen things at once on an average day (and who isn't?), you may have forgotten that the new laws on Daylight Savings Time, in numerous countries including the US, were changed last year.

In the US, daylight savings time now begins the first Sunday of November (tomorrow).
In case you forgot .... like I did!

Computers - Will yours be on-time? ...

Those running Microsoft Windows XP SP2 with automatic updates on have probably already been patched. The same holds true for Vista. If you're unsure, use Automatic Updates or visit
Microsoft's Download Center here.

Linux users should visit the website of the install they are using. RedHat's Linux Enterpise 2.1 DST or 'TZ' documentation is here.

Another catch - For all of us that 'had to have that first atomic watch', atomic clock or weather station, some were not upgradable and won't change, depending on the device. Later devices were released with software or firmware upgrades.

Bottom line: If you have any mission-critical hardware or databases that could be derailed by a time change, it might be a good idea to check them now.

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