Monday, January 14, 2008

AOL watch continues -

Weblogs Inc., the blog network acquired by AOL (Time-Warner) from Jason Calacanis (now building Mahalo) and Brian Alvey in late 2005, continues to integrate Weblogs Inc. content into AOL.

Weblogs' portfolio includes are variety of popular blogs and websites, among them Engadget and Download Squad.

Of particular interest to us is the continuing breaking content growth at
Be sure to check this site out.

AOL's new look continues to improve and is VERY content-rich. The question remains "will content command your start-up page ... or not?".

With iGoogle, Microsoft's and other 'vanilla' and customizable offerings growing, and combination offerings from My Yahoo and MSN, the jury is still out on AOL's future.

Content-rich Yahoo has been making significant company and personnel changes in the past year to compete and keep it's position intact on many desktops.

One thing's for sure. It'll continue to be an interesting year on the portal front.

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