Sunday, January 6, 2008

CES 2008 First Online Coverage - Save the air fare?

If you're regular reader of this blog, you'll know that if there's one thing we enjoy, it's trade shows.

Well, you can only fly from New York to Vegas so many times... so once again, we explored the web landscape earlier this morning for 'first takes', blog posts and video, from what is essentially the largest (this year, called International) Electronics trade show in the world. The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, opened to exhibitors in Vegas today and you can watch it right here, on the net.

1) CNET is there and their coverage is here

2) Mahalo has teamed with Engadget with video and more.

3) No sign of David Caruso yet (CSI) who appeared unexpectedly at Pubcon and made a few comments about a technology company? Hmmm.... We'll see.

4) The Official CES Website has a few RSS feeds for attendees and press

5) Gizmodo, as last year, is already video blogging the show here and noted that there is an entire area set up for the "press vs bloggers war" here!. Noting that 'the bloggers are winning'.

6) Check out is Digitial Trends reporting from CES here .

7) Finally, the MSN coverage begins tonight (and no doubt Bill Gates keynote speech?) and will be here .

A little starter kit for you virtual show goers. Enjoy the Gadgets!

Update: CrunchGear is also blogging live from CES here
Update Two: Gates keynote is on Microsoft's website here
Update Three: (and last for this post): Podtech is streaming live video from behind the scenes at the Bloghaus here

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