Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Update on Pownce and Andy Beal SEO List

I'm not sure if Andy Beal realized what kind of response he would get (or the Buzzzzz) when he posted this piece (mentioned earlier here) to Marketing Pilgrim. Lots of Gurus!!??. Remember when there were just 20 or 30 ?? Twitter better duck!

Is Pownce next?

Here's the update from last night's public debut. (Did I miss another party??)

Everyone's powncing on Pownce!

Their servers were keeping up tonight but it was slowing down to a crawl at times.

A few notes. 1) The new desktop client is MUCH better than the Beta. 2) You can only send a certain amount of invites at a time or they get backed up in the system. (With the auto-import from Facebook, Twitter etc, everyone found that our real quick). 3) If you show a 'minus' follower number, it's someone trying to friend you ... or at least that's what it was with me.

So far, looks pretty cool. Novelty? A keeper? Only time will tell.

So far, it looks neat.

Like I said in an earlier 'twit', with all this new stuff, maybe it really is time for OpenID.

The good part .. You can be part of the 'cool club' free.
Me on Twitter Me on Pownce

I let (almost) anyone in :)